Wednesday, October 12, 2011

STARS SPOTLIGHT is a service of BAFU USA in recognizing individuals and companies that have contributed to the country during the time of our economic crisis. These are the true stars and their fame cannot be forgotten among men for they have given their souls for the betterment of America. We seek to find their popularity on cyberspace and as an SEO firm, we seek to make their work more apparent for others to emulate and follow. Furthermore, we seek to determine who is the true American Hero by placing the spotlight on the work they have done instead of their title alone. This compendium reflects the original and authentic American Spirit. Now, all can really see the real public servants, those who have marked this world by their presence instead of those who have marked their presence in the world. Who is the true American hero? Who is the true servant? Who is the authentic and the genuine selfless leader? Follow this list and suggest who should qualify. We will listen and discuss your recommendation for acceptance on this roster.

Who is Barack Obama?

Who is Sony Roy?

Who is Barbara Streisand?

Who is Mitt Romney?

Who is Wintley Phipps?

Donation to this cause is not tax-deductible. BAFU USA is a for profit corporation along with BAFU MDC